Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Rules I Just Made Up

One: If you complain about your job, quit your job. Also, quit bitching.

Two: When you get to that point in your day when you're just plain tired, suck it up. We all get tired.

Three: I don't drive slowly. I wanna go fast. Get the heck out of my way.

Four: Don't talk about people. If you must, however, don't bitch out and deny you did it when they find out. Own that shit.

Five: Girls don't poop. (I actually made this up a long time ago. But still.)

Six: Once you forget someone's birthday, you can forget them because they don't matter anymore.

Seven: It is not boot season, ladies. I do not want to see you wearing boots until mid-October.

Eight: When in doubt, ask questions.

Nine: Don't make-out in public. Just...don't.

Ten: It's never okay for siblings to add your crushes/potentials on Facebook. Never.