Sunday, July 22, 2012

10 Things Every Girl Should Have

1. A clean set of sheets, because spilled nail polish and midnight laziness do not mix well.

2. Two pairs of her favourite jeans.

3. An accomplished list, because a to-do list is just bullshit to face sometimes.

4. A countdown to something fantastic.

5. A man to play with her hair.

6. Diamond stud earrings, because...just because.

7. A favourite or rotating motivational quote, pinned to her wall or taped to her mirror.

8. A pair of those new fangled roll-up flats, in her purse, glovebox, lovebox, or wherever she'll always have them.

9. A weekend away each month.

10. An extra bottle of shampoo. Or at least dry shampoo, so you can still look clean, but we all know you're lazy, forgetful, and disgusting today.

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