Sunday, July 10, 2011


I constantly get asked about my personal business, and I constantly get reamed for being a “hypocrite.” You see, I’ve always made it a point to bitch at people who put their personal business on the internet, and a lot of you seem to think that’s that what I do, when it isn’t. I’m not sitting here, telling the world about my relationship issues. I’m not publicizing my lovers’ quarrels. I’m not looking for attention by putting that sort of stuff out there. If you’re happy, cool. Be happy. Tell everyone. That’s what’s up. If you’re having trouble in your relationship, work it out. Don’t tell me about it on twitter, because I really don’t give a fuck. It’s called a personal life because it’s just that: personal. It’s your personal, private business, and it should be kept as such. It’s not doing any good to tell twitter about it. I’m going to laugh at you. I’m going to think that you’re 14, and can’t figure out that things don’t fix themselves. I’m going to patronize you. It matters not that it’s YOUR twitter, where you can say what you want. You’re stupid if you think that putting your private business out there is a good idea. You really are.

Now, onto those of you who seem confused about it all. I’m not putting my personal, private business out there. Simply mentioning NotEric is not a bad thing. I’ve not said a single bad thing about him or this…whatever we have going on. I don’t like that. Clearly. My business is my business, and you will know what I tell you. It isn’t any of your concern what struggles I may or may not be facing in my life. This. This blog. This one right here. This is where I discuss what I want. This is where I let you understand me. This is where we sit on the front porch swing, and discuss life.

Stay Gold.

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