Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Hasty Hiatus

I left the internet for a few days, not that anyone cared. I sure didn't. The reasons I shut myself off from the world, and the awful people that dwell in it, were selfish. Childish. Stupid. Hmm…that sounds like most of you. Anyway, I’ve decided to return to the world wide web, but not for anyone else. I need this. I need to be able to laugh at the moronic things you dumbasses say. I need to be able to laugh at all of the nonlinear lies you tell, thinking that no one notices. I need to be able to witness the rise and fall of your never-lasting relationships, as you bounce around from one friend to another, like you’re still 16. I need that. I NEED to know that you people are lacking so much in your lives, and in your souls. It makes me feel good.

Now, here’s a list of things that I do not care about:

-What you think/have to say about me.
-What you think/say about what I say or do.
-Who you think I’ve slept with.
-Matching socks.
-What you think/say about my boyfriend and/or my relationship.
-How much of a whore you think I am.
-Ugly couches.
-What you think/say about…well, pretty much everything. Unless it was mentioned in the above paragraph, in which case, I only care for the lulz.
-Most sports.

Stay Gold.

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