Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Plan

I know I’m always talking about blogging more, but I never actually do it. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to blog ten times a week: once on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and twice on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Mondays will be the Video of the Week. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to post a video of my own, or just link a video of someone else’s, so I’m going to either do both every week, or alternate between the two each week.

Tuesdays will be My Accomplished List. It’s much more gratifying than a to-do list.

Wednesdays will be Five Things To Do. One week will be Five Things To Do Every Day, one will be Every Week, one will be Every Month, one will be Every Year, and then it’ll go back to Every Day, and continue the cycle.

Thursdays will be To The People Who. Basically, I’m going to write letters to people who do dumb shit.

Fridays will be What’s on the Whiteboard, and Just Do It. What’s on the Whiteboard will just be a picture of my whiteboard, which almost always has something seriously, something silly, and something sexy on it. Just Do It will involve me doing things that I don’t normally do. Which is a lot, and it’s mostly simple stuff, but whatever.

Saturdays will be Ten Things I've Learned This Week, and Tips And Tricks. Ten Things I've Learned This Week is self-explanatory. Tip & Tricks will be just that, and will be for everything from cleaning, to make-up, to deals at restaurants, to pretty much everything else.

Sundays will be Three Life Lessons, and The Sunday Rant. Three Life Lessons will be three quotes, with my own stories of how they apply to me. The Sunday Rant will be me doing what I do best: bitching.

I’m definitely setting the bar a little high, with ten blogs a week, but I’m determined. If I get burned out with some of them, then I’ll stop doing those, but I want to blog more, so I won’t stop doing all of them.

Stay Gold.

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