Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So This Happened.

For the last week, I’ve been going nuts trying to find the most current edition of the required texbooks and whatever the fuck else I needed for my classes. Today, the first day of the spring semester, I receive the following e-mail from my advisor:

“Ms. [Woolysocks],
It’s just come to my attention that your registration papers and the required fees have not been filled out correctly and need to be redone. While I understand that the semester has already begun, I would like to set up an appointment for you to meet with me again, so we can get your papers done and get you started in your spring classes.
-Mr. [IAmAnIdiot]”

What the fuck, right? You mean to tell me that the papers you filled out WITH me were done wrong? Seriously. Anyway, this is what I sent back to him:

“Mr. [IAmAnIdiot],
It’s just come to my attention that you are a moron and you should not be employed in your current position, as the senior advisor for [Bumfuck College]. While I understand that you are old and demented, I would like to set up an appointment for you to get your head out of your ass. I will no longer be attending [Bumfuck College], so further communication between the fuckheads that work there (i.e. you) and the misfortunate humans that have to deal with you (i.e. me) is no longer required or desired.
-Ms. [Woolysocks]”

Stay Gold.

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