Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keep Me In Mind.

My long awaited return is upon us. Well, maybe just awaited. And probably just by me. lol But seriously. Things that I did while I was away?

-Got back into country music. That was a part of my life that I wish I'd rediscovered sooner.
-Met the new love of my life, Anabelle. [Pictured below.]
-Realized that if Logan Echolls were a real person, I would marry him and live happily ever after. Same goes for Dick Casablancas, but I won't get into that. lol
-Waited too long to register for spring classes.
-Received my Ring of Honor tickets for March.
-Found out that my brother-in-law is being deployed.
-Found out that I may be moving to Shreveport.
-Got $256.78 worth of clothes for $0.86.
-Started my second job, then quit.
-Possibly fell in love with Luke Bryan.
-Decided that I want a carrot cake at my wedding, and decided that DJ's just gonna have to be okay with that. :)
-Became the most jaded motherfucker on Earth.
-Got my CPR certification.
-Performed the Heimlich on a pregnant woman.
-Began my journey into Veronica Marsdom and made a bunch of fake college schedules for people to give to their bosses/parents/whatever.

Anyway, today, as some of you know, is my second anniversary of being clean. I've got a ton of things in my life to work on, but this whole "not using" thing is definitely something that I've got down. My second semester of college starts Tuesday. I need to quit my job, but the more I think about it, the more I realize how much I love/can't leave my babies.

This is Anabelle. :)

Stay Gold.

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