Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celebrity Spank Bank Part Deux: Guys & Dolls

Part two of my Celebrity Spank Bank. Part one can be found here.

Aishwarya Rai
She’s pretty much the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

Johnny Messner

Mike Ness
The first musician that I ever had a crush on. lol

Chris O’Donnell
I want to make babies with this dude.

Brandon Barash
I first saw him on General Hospital. Then, I saw him in my dreams. haha But seriously. Adorable!

Layla Allman
This girl is the next badass “it” girl. Ferfuckinsher.

Rick Yemm
The world’s most adorable badass. lol

David Boreanaz
Um. Yeah. So… :D

James Deen
How adorable is he? And his dong is reasonably sized, so it’s a win-win for me. XD

Daniela Ruah
Holy legs. She’s so cute, too.

Ian Nelson
Guy next door/James Deen look-alike. Another win-win.

Marshall Allman
Oh, LJ.

Greg Vaughan
He was/kinda still is my dream man. I didn’t put him in part one for reasons that I included in it, but I decided to put him in part two, just because.

Zooey & Emily Deschanel
These girls. Ohmahgootness.

Shia LaBeouf
I don’t understand my infatuation with him. lol

Rachel McAdams

Sofia Vergara
She’s fucking hot. Fuck.Ing.Hot.

Eric Dane
Oh, McSteamy.

Jessica Szohr
*shrugs* She’s just pretty.

Freida Pinto
*shrugs again* She’s pretty, too.

Mariska Hargitay
I want to be this woman.

Christina Aguilera
Talented. Beautiful. Amazing.

Sean Foreman
Yep. haha

Conan O'Brien
Strictly with a beard.

Julie Benz
Mostly as a brunette.

Michael C. Hall

KiD CuDi
This dude. This.Dude.

Sherilyn Fenn

Alberto Del Rio
lol I couldn’t decide between these two pictures. (Thanks to Allie for both of them.)

Jason Ritter

Zachary Quinto
I’d hit that. Obviously.

Stay Gold.

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  1. *sigh* Once again, your type is VERY evident.

  2. Mariska Hargitay is perfect. Beautiful and talented.