Friday, October 15, 2010

My Week.

Sunday- I realized that I can’t balance school and work and still be able to function at a normal, productive level. Complete breakdown at the point.

Monday-My dad left for the week. I officially started my new job.

Tuesday-I worked for 12 hours, then went to school for 4. Then I went out with a friend until 5am. 23 hours of non-stop movement? Not ideal, but I wasn’t even tired. I waited until the very last minute to wish my wonderful boyfriend a happy birthday, just because I knew that iit would be the only high point of my day. Okay, okay, I was totally late wishing him a happy birthday, but whatever. He knows better than to expect me to be prompt about things. lol :]

Wednesday-I don’t really remember much of Wednesday.

Thursday-Thursday was really stressful, but for really no reason at all. I worked until 7, then forgot to get my sister from school. I’m going to be a terrible mother.

Speaking of being a mother, working at a daycare just makes me want babies. Even with all the crying and pooping and inability to verbalize what they want, I love all of my kids. Do you mind if I tell you about them? Wait…I don’t even care. I’m gonna do it anyway.

Aiden- I just got Aiden on Monday. He’ll be two next month. He’s got the face of an old man and the soul of a stranger. He knows what he wants. He’s got the mind of a leader, but he seeks comfort from me more than any of the other kids.

Ashlee- A thin-lipped, heavy set, rebellious girl. She wastes time, she wanders, she mindlessly mumbles things that make no sense to anyone, not even her.

Brooklyn- She reminds me of me when I was younger. Bangs in her face, mismatched clothes, too smart for her own good. She’s got this raspy voice that makes me smile. I don’t have her in my class anymore, but I do see her when we combine classes in the evening.

Brooklynn- Blonde hair, big blue eyes, bossy. She’s adorable. She’s not in my class anymore, either. But I also see her when classes combine.

Chase - Chase is the one that I worry about. He had tubes up until about a year ago, so he doesn’t speak. We work on it, and he’s learning, but he spends most of his time humming. When he cries, I don’t know how to help him, because he can’t tell me what he needs. He’d never heard words before he got his tubes out, so I know that this whole communication thing is as hard for him as it is for me.

Cylee- A pug-faced, blonde-haired girl with a medical condition I can’t pronounce.

Garrett- I just got Garrett on Monday, as well. He’s super short and has a raspy voice. He’s got these big blue eyes and a buzz cut that makes his head look huge. lol But he’s adorable.

Grady- I just met Grady yesterday. He comes in about once every two weeks. Red hair, green eyes, mousy voice. Reminds me of my little brother.

Lucas- Ahh, Lucas. The Tommy Pickles of my daycare. Never without his sippy cup and never with pants. The leader of the twos. He can be trouble, but most of the time, he’s laughing and being freakin’ adorable.

Macy- Little Macy Mouse. She has skin that you can practically see through. She has strawberry blonde hair and huge green eyes. She like to be held and it’s okay, because she’s so little. :]

Markie- This little evil spawn. My goodness. He doesn’t listen, climbs on everything in sight, sits ON the table instead of AT the table, and expects me to coddle him when he’s hurt or upset. No, sir. Fuck outta here with that.

Martin- He doesn’t speak English. That’s about all I know about this kid. *shrugs*

Valentina- Valentina….another one that reminds me of me. Quiet, easily attached, more of a bystander than anything else.

Zavier- All I know about this kid is that his mom picks him up around the time that I get to work.

Last night, I realized that there are a few…couple…okay, there’s one. One person that I keep in my life simply because they’re the only person who hasn’t disappeared or walked away or straight up vaporized. Okay, I’ve never known someone who’s vaporized, but you get my point. There’s this strange, odd comfort that I get from talking to them. Ah, well.

I wish my dad would come home already. :(

Stay Gold.

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