Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Friday, September 24, 2010

It Would Be Nice To Start Over

When I was younger, my parents were always around. My dad walked my sister and I to school every morning and was home when we got out. My mom ran a daycare in our living room, so she was always home. My sister and I were blessed, but I don't think either one of us realized it.

When I was 10, my mom, siblings, and I moved to Virginia, while my dad stayed in Jersey. My aunt, uncle, and cousin had just come from Vietnam and my mom wanted to be near them. So near, that they moved in with us. My dad would come down on Friday and leave on Sunday. It was like this for 3 years. 3 years of only seeing my dad on the weekends was hard on me, and I now realize the effect that it had on my younger siblings. My mom worked from 7am until 10pm, and my older sister really didn't give a fuck what was happening in the house. My aunt and uncle were never home, either, so there I was, 10 years old and raising 3 kids. I never saw it as one of those situations where we were on our own, because we had parents, they just weren't around anymore. Being responsible for two 7 year olds and a 4 year old wasn't hard, but it was overwhelming. The weekend were the best part of my life, for a very long time.

When my dad finally moved in with us, things just got worse. He was always angry. Always upset over every little thing. You can blame stress all you'd like, but I don't think that's a valid excuse to be in a piss poor mood all the time. At least 4 times a week, we'd get a long lecture about how shitty we are and how we need to take better care of the house. The house...the one that I did everything I could to keep it in order, while still making sure that the kids were taken care of, fed, and bathed, and still making sure that I didn't fall behind in school? That house? Yep, THAT house.

What didn't help at all was my aunt having a baby...3 months early. That weighed a pound and six ounces when he was born. That needed around the clock care. That I was responsible for. Don't get me wrong, I love that boy more than anything in the world, he just picked a terrible time to be born. We moved here, to Texas, right after he had turned a year old, which was bittersweet. I knew that a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, but I also knew that I wouldn't get to see him grow up and that leaving him, after having been the only maternal figure he'd known, was not good for him.

We moved here and things got even worse. My dad worked from 3am until 11pm. My mom worked from 7am until 11pm. I was a freshman in high school, the last thing I wanted to do was have to be a mother to my brother and sister. Someone had to do it, though, and I knew that my bitch of an older sister was too worried about who she was going to sleep with next to give a damn about the little ones.

I wasn't until about a year ago that I realized that I had raised these little terrors, and I mean that in every sense of the term. Always in trouble at school, always in trouble with the law, always in trouble, period. I suppose, that had I realized that I was the only parental influence in their lives, I would've tried a lot harder to be a good one. Sometimes, I worry about how my kids will turn out, because of how my siblings are. I have no doubt in my mind that I'll be a wonderful mother, it's the role model part that I'm terrified about. I say bad words...a lot. I flip people the bird...a lot. I'm late...a lot. I'm a smartass. I'm a procrastinator. I'm also terrible with children ages 5-10, so that probably won't help much, either.

When my mom is home, she likes to tell me what I do and what I don't do. "You don't spend time with your siblings, you're always in your room, etc." A few things: I spend a lot of time with them. I did her part, now I'm doing mine. I'm hardly in my room anymore. Every time she says things like that, I have to remind her that she's never here. I know it hurts her and that I should feel bad for that, but I don't. She's never here. That's an unfortunate part of our lives, one that I don't see changing anytime soon.

I don't really know what the point of this blog was, but whatever. Thank you for reading it.

Stay Gold.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Need Your Help!

I'm going to do a 50 Things video for my new YouTube channel, but I don't want it to be a normal one. lol Here's what I want to do: I want to have you, my friends, readers, followers, and what have you, to tell me something about me. Or two things. Or five. Or ten. I don't really care. Leave a comment here, @ reply me on Twitter, (use the hashtag #50Things, just so I know,) post it on my wall on Facebook, send me a message somewhere, whatever you want. Just tell me something(s) about me. I mean actual things, too. Not things like "You're funny" or the like. :)

Stay Gold.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Questions! Answers! Your Mom!

I meant to post this the other day, but whatever. You're getting it now. Shut up and smile. Before Formspring was cool, I had people send their questions to my e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter. I used Formspring for a while, but I don't anymore. So, I reverted back to my old ways and got a shitload of questions. Here they are.

-Who's this Ross guy?
A handsome Jewish fellow with a crooked nose. I am currently in the process of finding a way to get him pregnant, and he knows this. lol :) Seriously, though. He's a writer/director/actor/former Tonight Show intern/amazingly funny person. You should follow him.

-Favorite make-up palette?
I'm not a fan of palettes. I like single color things.

-What's one thing that you never leave the house without?
Make-up on my face.

-How has your OCD affected your life?
I don't really know how to answer this...

Negative. (Get it? Negative for AI--never mind.)

-Weirdest place you've ever slept?
I sleep at the harbor a lot. lol At the little amphitheater part. On the stairs. :)

-Why did you get rid of your Formspring?
People couldn't mind their own business, so I minded it for them. Simple as that.

-Favorite YouTube beauty guru person thing?
I like Kandee Johnson. Mostly, I just like hearing her talk. lol

-Favorite YouTuber(s)?
TheRossEverett. (Obviously. lol) BrettTheIntern. TheStation. (That counts.) LisaNova. KassemG. Basically, anyone involved with TheStation is entertaining. lol

-What kind of camera do you use?
Canon PowerShot SD780 IS.

-What editing software do you use?

-How do you become friends with so many wrestlers?
Um. I don't know?

-How do you become friends with so many YouTubers?
Um. I still don't know?

-Why won't you tell anyone your real name?
Because it's nobody's business.

-Worst bet you ever made?
haha Definitely the one when I said Canada wouldn't win the gold this year. Oh, well. lol

-Why don't you have a job?
Evidently, I have "DO NOT HIRE" stamped across my forehead.

-Regret any relationships?
Absolutely not.

-Ever have a crush on a teacher?
Lots. One of which may or may not have turned into something illegal. Wait...what?

-Favorite designer?
Christian Siriano.

-How does your family deal with your OCD/anxiety?
They don't. They refuse to understand it, so they make fun of it or ignore it.

-Has your OCD affected any relationships you've had?
Not really, no.

-Do you collect anything?
Things with Lucille Ball or Marilyn Monroe on them. lol

-If you could give the world one piece of advice, what would it be?
Remember all of your journeys and their faces.

-If you could have a room full of any one thing, what would it be?
Oxygen. :D

-If you could only see black and white except for one color, what color would you choose to see?

-If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
My weight.

-If you could choose one of your personality traits to pass on to your children, what would it be?
My humor. It's an odd variety. lol

-What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
I don't even know.

-Would you rather teach a young child to read or have to learn again for yourself?

-What is the best advice you've ever given and received?
Sometimes, you just need to forget the rules and remember your heart.

-How would you like to die?
I wouldn't...

-What do you value most in life?

-Do believe that people are inherently good or bad?
Why isn't stupid an option? Because that's my choice.

-What is your greatest regret?
I don't have any.

-What do you see as your greatest achievement?
Probably graduating. lol

-How do you deal with someone you don't like?
I don't. I mean, if I HAVE to, then I turn my Helen Keller on.

-What do you feel you are entitled to in life?
Life, liberty, and laughter.

-What's your favourite song?
When The Angels Sing by Social Distortion.

-What are your feelings regarding 'God' and religion?
This falls under the "You Do You" policy. You do whatever you want to. I'm not big on religion or God or any of that stuff.

-How do you personally define "Right" from "Wrong"?
Well, if the price is right, then you fuckin' win. If the price is wrong, you sit down and enjoy the show.

-What's your name?

-Feelings about gay people?
Handle your business. You're gay? Good for you, damnit. <-Sincerity.

-Favorite movie?
American History X, Field of Dreams, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, The Princess Bride. lol There are a lot!

-Favorite food?
Chicken. lol

-Feelings about Iraq war?
I'm far too ignorant about the subject to even try to answer this question.

-How is/was your relationship with your parents?
They're my friends. That's about it. lol

-How many jobs have you had in the past 10 years?

-Who are you voting for in the next Presidential election and why?
Um, I don't know, because I don't know who's running.

-Do you get drunk or take recreational drugs?
No and no.

-What is the longest love relationship (partner) you have had, and if it has ended, why?
3 years. It ended because it needed to.

-Do you love pets? If so, how many have you owned, and where are they now?
Yes. Too many to count. I don't know.

-Why don't you like blind people?
You've been misinformed. lol I have 2 blind friends. And I love them. :)

-Do you drink your own urine in church?
...I don't go to church.

-Are you my daughter or mother?
Gonna go with neither.

-Would you rather be hypnotized or French?
lol French.

-Are you dying?
Not that I know of.

-Do you buy various athletic trophies and have your name engraved onto them so that when people come over you can throw them away in front of them. Then when they ask what you are doing you can tell them, "Oh, I'm just getting rid of some of these damn trophies, I have no room for any more"?
lol No. Do you do that?

-Have you ever been a man?
I don't think so, no.

-Can I borrow your car and stay at your place until my band makes it?

-How'd you get to be so cute?
I was born.

Questions? Send them to me on here, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Links are in the sidebar.

Stay Gold.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here, take it all!

Wrestling Autographs
  • $9-Tomko 8x10
  • $12-Kurt Angle 8x10
  • $10-Samoa Joe 8x10 (w/COA)
  • $10-AJ Styles 8x10 (w/COA)
  • $10-Christopher Daniels 8x10 (w/COA)
  • $15-Eric Young (Long Sleeve TNA Shirt)
[Or buy all seven items for $50 even.]
  • $7-CM Punk 3x5
  • $4-Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan & D'Lo Brown (ROH Supercard of Honor IV Ticket)
  • $4-Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan, D'Lo Brown, and El Generico (ROH Supercard of Honor IV Ticket)
  • $4-Konnan, Shark Boy, and Sonjay Dutt (TNA Ticket)
  • $4-Sara Del Rey 3x5
[Or buy all five items for $15 even.]

  • $5-RF Video's Shoot Interview with Homicide
  • $5 -WWE SummerSlam 2000 VHS tape
  • $5 for one, $8 for two-SHIMMER Roster Album (I have 2 copies.)
[Or all four items for $15 even.]


If you're interested in any of the listed items, you can leave a comment below, message me on Facebook, or @[reply]/direct message me on Twitter.

Payment method: Money orders only!

Currently only shipping within the U.S.

Stay Gold.

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