Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Umm. Okay.

I RARELY ask my parents for money. And by "RARELY," I mean MAYBE once a month, and it's never for more than $30. Granted, they make my car payment, but hey, they did that to themselves. So, tonight, when I asked my mom if I could borrow $500, I was expecting a few questions and an actual conversation, but instead, I got the usual You're-lazy-and-don't-give-a-damn speech...with an added bonus! Here is what she said, paraphrased and summarized, of course, because there was soooo much said:

"Can I borrow some money?" (This is where I messed up. I should've started by telling her that I got my old job back. But anyway.) "Ha. That'll happen." <-Note: Sarcasm. "Please?" This is where she'd usually say yes and ask how much, by the way. "No. I'm sick of supporting you. You're 18. Get a fucking job. Stand on your own two feet. I'm not taking care of anyone anymore."

This coming from the woman who still supports her 45 year old sister, who she claims to dislike, & her family and my older sister, who is almost 21, has a job, has a fiance & a place to live, and only has two bills to pay. Mind you, my mom says that she's "sick of supporting people" and that she's "not doing it anymore" at least twice a week. Between my brother's and my sister's sports and other activities, my parents spend about a grand a month on each of them. All they do for me is pay my car payment and insurance, which totals $350. My older sister has spending problems. I used to say "Kristina, you don't need that. Oh, put that back. What are you gonna do with it?" Then, I stopped caring. She can spend whatever the hell she likes, and I'll be damned if my mom doesn't help her out of debt every single time. My dad has a Mustang sitting in the garage, that he's fixing up. Where do you think the money for that comes from? Mom. He spends upwards of a grand a week on that car. Then came the added bonus!

She says, "And I'm gonna tell you something. Are you ready for this one?" I was already extremely annoyed at this point. "Yeah, why not?!" "I have cancer." I don't know why the fuck she decided to bring this up during an argument, but she did. She really did. So, I did that thing, where you look at someone who's not making sense and you kinda stare for a second, then you tilt your head a little, with a confused look on your face. Then I left.

I guess my point is this: From her, $500 isn't much to ask for, especially since I don't really ask for much. Why she went into instant bitch mode and started talking about cancer, I don't know. That was pretty much all I wanted to share with you. Oh, and I am determined, so I will be asking my dad tomorrow. Just so you know.

Stay Gold.

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