Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today was BY FAR one of the most fun days of my entire life. I spent the day with my best friends. It took TONS of planning, but WE DID IT! We get together about once a month and do something fun. Bowling, skating, going to the movies, etc. Today, we went roller-skating and that was an adventure in and of itself. I haven't been on skates in at least 10 years, so I knew I would suck.

At first, we all got quad skates, which are the kind with 2 wheels in front and 2 wheels in back. I couldn't even pretend to skate in those things. lol When I used to skate before, I used inline skates, so I got some of those instead and tried to convince my friends the inline skates were easier. And they were. I put those babies on and I was flying around that rink like it was nothing.

Alora didn't skate. Emelda was really hesitant to, but we got her to do it anyway....and she fell.....a lot. Jessica was holding the rail the entire time, so she wouldn't fall...but she fell anyway. Elizabeth was Emelda's buddy today. She held Emy's hand while she tried to skate, then when Emy fell, Elizabeth went with her, and then a domino effect set in and Alora fell, and so did Jessica....BUT NOT ME! I was smart, you see. I didn't get too close to them because I knew someone was gonna fall and take everyone around them down, too.

So....after skating, we went to the lake and had ice cream! Well....I had a smoothie and Elizabeth didn't have anything, actually. Anyways...Elizabeth left because she had to work. And then Alora went to the restroom.....and didn't lock the door. And then I had one of those "it's happening at normal speed, but it really seems like slow motion" moments when a lady started walking toward the bathroom door and as soon as she pushed the door open, I thought "Maybe I should tell her Alora's in there..." But I was too late. She pushed the door open and all we heard was Alora go "AHHH!!!" And then everyone in the place busted out laughing. It was beyond hilarious.

We were enjoying our tasty treats and decided we'd go to Cotton Patch [where Elizabeth works] and get something to eat. On the way there, we all decided that we would torture poor Elizabeth by being terrible customers. And we did. And it was funny. The food wasn't too good, but we sure had a good time. Then we all bid farewell to one another and went our separate ways.

Most of today was spent laughing and smiling like friends should do, none of that arguing shit or anyone being mean to someone or everyone picking on someone. It was amazing. And I'm glad we've made this a monthly thing, because without these girls, I'd probably go crazy. I know a lot of people and I hang out with a lot of people, but it's days like this when you realize who your true friends are and how much you should cherish every moment with them. <3

Stay Gold,

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